Klaus Kammerichs

1933 Born in Iserlohn. Son of a type-setter and passionate amateur-photographer
1947ff. After having studied photography work as a professional photographer (journalistic, industrial, advertising)
1950 A first desire for first hand knowledge of modern art prompts him to cycle to Paris

Workshop about “Subjective Photography” with Otto Steinert in Saarbrücken

Early successes with his own creative works, especially portraits taken during his journeys to France and Spain

1954 First participation on famous Cologne “photokina”-exhibitions, foundet bei L. Fritz Gruber
1956 Studies of fine art with Otto Coester and Otto Pankok at Academy of Arts, Düsseldorf
1959 “Discovery of the Month” in the New York magazin “Modern Photography”
1971 First individual exhibition in Gallery Niepel, Düsseldorf
seit 1973 Professor at the “Fachhochschule Düsseldorf”, there dean from 1978 – 1984
1974 First four-dimensional sculpture, a symbolically kinetic interpretation of space, time and movement
seit 1975 Public commissions
seit 1985

Individual exhibitions in Poland, Japan and USA.

Monumental outdoor-sculptures in Gifu (Japan), Düsseldorf, Munic, Bad Segeberg, Leinfelden and Bonn

1985 – 1986

Research semester (sabbatical) Canada / USA. Contact
to numerous university colleagues and students, technical discussions, lectures

seit 1986 Together with the writer Eva Weissweiler experimental videos and documentary-films for German TV
1986 Creator of the famous Beethoven-sculpture “Beethon” in Bonn, which has become a frequently visited landmark of Germany’s former capital

Lecturer at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA
(At the same time there is an exhibition of “photo sculptures”)

1992 – 2019 Studio and second home in Demerath (Vulkan-Eifel)
1994 David-Octavius-Hill-Prize of the “Deutsche Fotografische Akademie”
2003 Married to the writer Eva Weissweiler
2008 Three life-size Karl-Marx sculptures (concrete) in the garden of the Karl-Marx House in Trier
2010 – 2015

Photographic creative courses with mentally ill patients of the LVR-Klinik Merheim

5 large exhibitions in Cologne, large formats permanently in the clinic

2014 Kunstmuseum Moritzburg, Halle, Saale, takes over photographic
Frühwerk (1948 – 1954)
2019 Positioning the sculpture “Robert and Clara Schumann” Schumann-Haus Zwickau
  Evolent relocation and re-esituation of the large sculpture “Hand mit
Zeichenstift” 1985, to the new campus of the HSD
(Hochschule Düsseldorf)
2021 Positioning the large sculpture “Eishockey-Mannschaft” 1973, to the Düsseldorfer DEG Eissporthalle
  Klaus Kammerichs is father of three children, grandfather of five grandchildren and great-grandfather of one great-granddaughter.